There's something fishy about this PIN-code checker, can you figure out the PIN and get the flag? Download the PIN checker program here pin_checker. Once you've figured out the PIN (and gotten the checker program to accept it), connect to the master server using nc 55824 and provide it the PIN to get your flag.


  1. Searching for "timing-based side-channel attacks" as mentioned in the hints finds the Wikipedia page for Timing attack and this article on medium. The first part of the medium article is exactly the exploit here.

  2. We can use the unix time command to measure how long it takes for different pine values to be validated. For example running time echo 10000000 | ./pin_checker displays the following:

Please enter your 8-digit PIN code:
Checking PIN...
Access denied.
echo 10000000  0.00s user 0.00s system 44% cpu 0.001 total
./pin_checker  0.13s user 0.00s system 99% cpu 0.128 total
  1. So, it took 0.13s to check 10000000. We can increment the first digit by one and see the execution time. Running time echo 40000000 | ./pin_checker shows that it takes 0.25s to execute. So, 4 is the correct first digit. We can continue on to future digits.

  2. However, we write a to automate the process. Running the solution finds that the pin is 48390513.

  3. Running nc 55824 and putting in the pin code we found prints the flag.



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